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Applications Security (link)

Best Practices for Securing Your Home Network (link)

Database Security (link)

Social Engineering Report Shows Corporate America At Risk (link)

What is Cross Site Scripting? (link)

Security Alerts

Alerts are security-related items that require action...

2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack (link)

6.46 million LinkedIn passwords leaked online (link)

Adobe Acrobat and Reader Multiple Code Execution Vulnerabilities (link)

Adobe patches a critical flaw in Shockwave Player (link)

Adobe Shockwave Player Vulnerabilities (link)

Advisory- Cisco AnyConnect Virtual Private Network (VPN) application for iOS

Apple Issues Huge Mac OS X Update (link)

Apple patches zero-day QuickTime flaw with 7.6.8 release (link)

Apple QuickTime ActiveX _Marshaled_pUnk Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (link)

Critical Java Update Plugs 51 Security Holes (link)

CVE-2012-2122: A Tragically Comedic Security Flaw in MySQL (link)

Ebola Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns (link)

Fraudulent Email Alert: Don't Give Up Your University Password!

Heartbleed: Serious OpenSSL zero day vulnerability revealed (link)

Important Information on pcAnywhere (link)

Koobface worm targets Mac users on Facebook, Twitter (link)

Mac Flashback trojan exploits unpatched Java vulnerability, no password needed (link)

Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday Fixes 21 Bugs (link)

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for November (link)

Microsoft plans patches for IE10, Windows 8 next week (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for August 2012 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2013 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for November 2011 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for September 2014 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Release (Out-Of-Band) (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February 2011 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for November 2012 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2011 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2011 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014 (link)

Microsoft sounds alert on massive Web bug (link)

Microsoft to Fix 49 Flaws on October 11 (link)

Microsoft to issue 16 security updates (link)

More "Phishing" in Columbia - Don't take the bait!

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2011 (link)

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - January 2011 (link)

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2010 (link)

Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2011 (link)

Oracle Java Updates Available to Address Multiple Vulnerabilities

Oracle to issue 78 patches, including 27 for MySQL (link)

Oracle to release 88 security fixes (link)

RealNetworks RealPlayer and RealPlayer SP Multiple Security Vulnerabilities (link)

REN-ISAC Alerts (link)

Risks of Default Passwords on the Internet (link)

Security Advisory: Out of Band Critical Microsoft Patches available on WSUS

Security Advisory: Patch now to avoid infection! (link)

SECURITY ADVISORY: Phishing scheme emails in Exchange environment

SECURITY ALERT: Adobe Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities

Security update available for Adobe Flash Player (link)

Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat (link)

Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat (link)

University's Response to IRS Fraud

University of Missouri Wants to Hear From You

University Response to Heartbleed Bug

VMware Security Advisory (link)

Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else (link)

Security News

'Canary' Chrome chirps when it smells malware (link)

'The Moon' worm infects Linksys routers (link)

'Vast majority' of Mac users safe from Shellshock Bash bug, Apple says (link)

"Hand of Thief" trojan sniffs out banking credentials of Linux users (link)

"Poweliks" downloads additional malware, abuses PowerShell (link)

18 Alaskan Teens Use Phishing Scam To Hack School System (link)

3 Of 4 Global 2000 Companies Still Vulnerable To Heartbleed (link)

5 things ID thieves want you to do (link)

6 States Bar Employers From Demanding Facebook Passwords (link)

Accidental breach left HSBC customer data exposed for three months (link)

Adobe Breach Impacted At Least 38 Million Users (link)

Adobe Connect Security Breach Exposes Personal Data of 150K Users (link)

Adobe fixes "critical" bugs in Reader, Acrobat and RoboHelp publishing tool (link)

Adobe Fixes Another Zero-Day Flaw in Its Flash Player (link)

Adobe Fixes Second Flash Flaw Exploited By Angler (link)

Adobe plugs holes in Flash Player and ColdFusion (link)

Adobe Pushes Critical Flash Patch (link)

Adobe releases another zero-day fix for Flash (link)

Adobe To Announce Source Code, Customer Data Breach (link)

Adobe to patch Reader zero-day this week with rush update (link)

Adobe to revoke code signing certificate (link)

After Heartbleed, Tech Giants Team Up to Avoid Redux (link)

Akamai Heartbleed patch not a fix after all (link)

Alaska agency must pay $1.7m after 500-person breach (link)

Aloha point-of-sale terminal, sold on eBay, yields security surprises (link)

Android/Simplocker could be the first Android ransomware to encrypt files (link)

Android Malware Infects Activists' Phones (link)

Apple beefs up log-in security for iMessage, FaceTime (link)

Apple closes security holes in Mac OS X and Safari (link)

Apple finally fixes App Store flaw by turning on encryption (link)

Apple patches 'Find My iPhone' exploit (link)

Apple Patches Critical Backdoor Flaw in OS X 10.10.3 (link)

Apple patches iCloud vulnerability exploited by iDict hacking tool (link)

Apple ratchets up App Store security (link)

Apple releases iOS 7 update for iPads and iPhones (link)

Apple releases OS X 10.10.4 and iOS 8.4, numerous bugs addressed (link)

Apple won't let users run Flash unless it is the latest version (link)

Apple working on fix for bug that crashes iPhones with a text message (link)

AP Twitter hack looks like a security tipping point (link)

Army instructs troops to take precautions online: report (link)

Arrested Canadian hacker 'believed' to have exploited Heartbleed bug (link)

As leaks continue, Sony's legal team tells media to destroy 'stolen info' (link)

AT&T Hit by DDoS Attack, Suffers DNS Outage (link)

AT&T shakes its banhammer at would-be pirates (link)

AT&T suffers another insider breach (link)

ATM malware 'Tyupkin' found on over 50 machines in Europe, spreads to U.S. (link)

ATM malware may spread from Mexico to English-speaking world (link)

Attack exercise reveals threat-sharing roadblock within health orgs (link)

AutoCAD Worm Targets Design Documents In Possible Espionage Campaign (link)

Avoid tech support phone scams (link)

Backdoor found in D-Link router firmware code (link)

BadNews infections in Google Play spread premium-rate SMS trojan (link)

Banks: Credit Card Breach at Home Depot (link)

Banks: Credit Card Breach at P.F. Chang’s (link)

Banks: Credit Card Breach at Staples Stores (link)

Barnes & Noble halts use of PIN pad devices after data breach (link)

Beware Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers (link)

Beware of this sneaky watering hole attack I just found (link)

BlackBerry Enterprise Server vulnerable to dangerous TIFFs (link)

Carefirst Blue Cross Breach Hits 1.1M (link)

Car Hacking Shifts Into High Gear (link)

Celeb Hack: Is Apple Telling All It Knows? (link)

Charges pending in alleged Cardinals computer intrusion of Astros (link)

Chick-fil-A Investigating Possible Data Breach (link)

China Accused Of Attacking Apple iCloud (link)

Chinese military hackers were 'noisy' (link)

Chrome 20 update fixes high-risk security vulnerabilities (link)

Chrome 21 update closes high-risk security holes (link)

Comcast's open Wi-Fi hotspots inject ads into your browser (link)

Community debates encryption's value in Anthem incident (link)

Community Health Systems Breach Atypical For Chinese Hackers (link)

Computer Whizzes Do Battle With 'Blizzard' and a 'Cyberattack' (link)

Covert Bitcoin miner found stashed in malicious Google Play apps (link)

Critical code execution bug in Samba gives attackers superuser powers (link)

Critical denial-of-service flaw in BIND software puts DNS servers at risk (link)

Critical industrial control systems remain vulnerable to Heartbleed exploits (link)

Critical vulnerability in Blackberry 10 OS (link)

Critical WordPress plugin bug affects hundreds of thousands of sites (link)

Cross-browser worm spreads via Facebook, security experts warn (link)

CTO of media company faked-out employees with "phishing" emails (link)

CVS Investigates Credit Card Breach At Its Online Photo Service (link)

Cyberespionage group goes phishing for Outlook Web App users (link)

Cyber-security now the top concern for financial services (link)

Dairy Queen confirms breach, Backoff malware intrusion at 395 U.S. stores (link)

Dating site hackers expose details of millions of users (link)

Despite Apple’s Privacy Pledge, Cops Can Still Pull Data Off a Locked iPhone (link)

DHS seeks cyber fellows (link)

Don’t Get Sucker Pumped (link)

Dropbox Now Offers Two-Step Authentication (link)

Drupal resets account passwords after detecting unauthorized access (link)

eBay addresses XSS issue affecting auction page visitors (link)

EBay asks users to change password after breach (link)

eBay buries its own advisory to change passwords following database hack (link)

eBay to face formal investigations over data breach (link)

Emergency Windows update revokes dozens of bogus Google, Yahoo SSL certificates (link)

EMOTET banking malware captures data sent over secured HTTPS connections (link)

Employee password reuse behind Dropbox spam outbreak (link)

Exclusive: Mandiant speaks on Anthem attack, custom backdoors used (link)

Expanded '2-person rule' could help plug NSA leaks (link)

Facebook, Yahoo prevent use of recycled email addresses to hijack accounts (link)

Facebook Adopts Secure Web Pages By Default (link)

Facebook disrupts cryptocurrency-mining botnet Lecpetex (link)

Facebook got 25,000 government requests about users (link)

Facebook hacked, says no user data compromised (link)

Facebook password-bypass flaw fixed (link)

Facebook warns users of the end of the Internet via DNSChanger (link)

Fake Dropbox login page nabs credentials, is hosted on Dropbox (link)

FBI investigating Rutgers University in DDoS attack (link)

FBI warns FAA to watch for suspicious hacking activity on flights (link)

FBI warns globe trotters about malware lurking in hotel room connections (link)

FBI warns of WordPress defacements as new plugin vulnerability is found (link)

FCC fines AT&T $25M for call center breaches (link)

FCC offers security advice to smartphone users (link)

FDA issues encryption, authentication rules for medical devices (link)

Feds Seized 1,700 Online Domains in 3 Years (link)

Feds step up HIPAA enforcement with hospice settlement (link)

Feds warn health care sector of looming cyber attacks (link)

FireEye Uncovers Android Remote Access Malware (link)

Firefox 29 fixes several critical flaws, including memory safety bugs (link)

Firefox 37 Feature to Improve SSL/TLS Certificate Security (link)

Firefox skirts Windows security feature to make silent updates happen (link)

Firefox to force secure connections for selected domains (link)

First Flash patch for Windows 8 coming "shortly" (link)

Five indicted in massive hacking scheme (link)

Flash and AIR updates available after Adobe addresses 18 vulnerabilities (link)

Flawed Android factory reset leaves crypto and login keys ripe for picking (link)

Florida telemarketer, under FTC watch, suffers data breach (link)

Former DNSChanger addresses out in the wild again (link)

Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission employee arrested for alleged spear phishing campaign (link)

Former student accused of stealing identities pleads guilty (link)

For second time in a month, Apple blacklists Java Web plugin (link)

FTC Cracks Down on Senders of Spam Text Messages Promoting "Free" Gift Cards (link)

FTC gives final approval to Facebook privacy settlement (link)

FTC offers guidance for mobile application development (link)

FTC Sues Wyndham Hotels Over Data Security Failures (link)

FTC Takes Aim at Tech Support Scareware Scams (link)

Galaxy S3 hacked via NFC at Mobile Pwn2Own competition (link)

Gaming Company Certificates Stolen and Used to Attack Activists, Others (link)

GHOST: Most Linux servers have a horrible, horrible vulnerability (in glibc) (link)

Ghost flaw in Linux can be exploited through WordPress, other PHP apps (link)

Give IE the heave-ho until Microsoft patches zero-day (link)

Global Payments loses up to 1.5 million credit card records in data theft (link)

Gmail back up and running after weekend of glitches (link)

Goodwill announces breach, more than 800K payment cards compromised (link)

Google: No, app makers, you can't skip the Play Store (link)

Google Accounts Now Support Security Keys (link)

Google Aurora Attackers Still On Loose, Symantec Says (link)

Google beefs up user-identity safety net for apps (link)

Google blacklists 11,000 WordPress sites amid malware campaign (link)

Google Chrome Extension Warns Against Password Reuse (link)

Google Chrome To Get 'Do Not Track' (link)

Google expanding security feature that prevents malware installs (link)

Google gives Chrome mulligan button (link)

Google nixes widespread malvertising attack (link)

Google Reveals the Problem With Password Security Questions (link)

Google says Gmail credential dump not result of company breach (link)

Google shifts to SSL for all searches (link)

Google stops malicious advertising campaign that could have reached millions (link)

Google Takes New Steps to Block POODLE Flaw (link)

Google to replace SSL certificates (link)

Google to scan for malicious apps in Chrome Web Store (link)

Google to users: Your account may be under attack (link)

Google updates all Chrome editions (link)

Google warns 20,000 websites they could be infected with malware (link)

Google warns DNSChanger victims (link)

Google yanks malicious app from Play Store (link)

Group infects more than 500K systems, targets banking credentials in U.S. (link)

Grum takedown: '50% of worldwide spam is gone' (link)

Hacker group takes responsiblity for DNS attack on major media sites (link)

Hackers breach some White House computers (link)

Hackers Encrypt Health Records and Hold Data for Ransom (link)

Hackers exploit Starbucks auto-reload feature to steal from customers (link)

Hackers hit domain registrar, access credit card data and passwords (link)

Hackers pose as hacked software vendor to spread Zeus trojan (link)

Hack forces Apple and Amazon to change security policies (link)

Harvard College dean steps down after e-mail scandal (link)

Harvard to review privacy policies in wake of email search scandal (link)

Healing Heartbleed: LastPass outs automated checker, major sites admit vulnerability (link)

Healthcare Data Breaches From Cyberattacks, Criminals Eclipse Employee Error For The First Time (link)

Health Insurance Provider Premera Discloses Data Breach (link)

Heartbleed attack used to skip past multifactor authentication (link)

Heartbleed developer explains OpenSSL mistake that put Web at risk (link)

Heartbleed still a threat: Over 300,000 servers remain exposed (link)

Here’s what Facebook sends the cops in response to a subpoena (link)

HHS posts final HIPAA omnibus rule (link)

House Committee to Probe e-Banking Heists (link)

How Boston Children's Hospital hit back at Anonymous (link)

How cyberattacks can be overlooked in America's most critical sectors (link)

How to protect yourself from the 'Heartbleed' bug (link)

http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/08/microsoft-patches-plug-23-security-holes/ (link)

http://www.scmagazine.com/two-moderate-six-low-severity-openssl-vulnerabilities-fixed/article/391700/ (link)

Hundreds of Canadian Tax ID Numbers Stolen in 'Heartbleed' Breach (link)

ICANN data compromised in spearphishing attack (link)

ICE Hacked Its Own Employees to Teach Self-Defense in Cyberspace (link)

Identity Theft Is a Growing Risk in Health Care: Ponemon Report (link)

IE10 under attack as hackers exploit zero-day bug (link)

IE plays security catch-up, will block outdated Java plug-ins (link)

Indiana Univ.: Personal data of 146,000 exposed (link)

Information disclosure flaw exposes Netgear wireless routers to attcks (link)

In Home Depot Breach, Investigation Focuses on Self-Checkout Lanes (link)

Insecure Consumer Routers Compromised to Form 'Self-Sustaining' Botnet (link)

Insecure dongle reportedly puts more than two million U.S. vehicles at risk (link)

Insurer to Schnucks: We won't pay for lawsuits related to your breach (link)

Internet scammer adopts face of Army officer from Pasco (link)

iOS 6 to ask if apps can access personal data (link)

iOS users reporting iPhones, iPads being locked up and held for ransom (link)

It's time to kill Flash, says Facebook's new security chief (link)

IT malpractice: Doc operates on server, costs hospitals $4.8M (link)

IT security shifts from prevention to resiliency (link)

It’s Data Privacy Day (link)

Java exploit used in Red October cyberespionage attacks, researchers say (link)

Johns Hopkins University web server breached; up to 1,300 affected (link)

Jokers, hackers, and airline safety (link)

Journalist blames Apple tech for allowing iCloud hack (link)

JPMorgan Chase attackers hit other banks (link)

JPMorgan Chase Says 76 Million Households Affected by Data Breach (link)

JPMorgan hackers altered, deleted bank records, says report (link)

Judge rules hospital can ask ISP for help in ID'ing alleged hackers (link)

Last call to wipe DNSChanger before 'Internet doomsday' (link)

LastPass Password Manager Software Security Notice (link)

LinkedIn outage prompts security concerns (link)

LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws (link)

Mac Malware Spies On Email, Survives Reboots (link)

Major software flaws in iPhones, iPads fixed in update (link)

Malicious ads distributed 'on a large scale' by Zedo, Google's DoubleClick ad networks (link)

Many sites reusing Heartbleed-compromised private keys (link)

Mass exploit of WordPress plugin backdoors sites running Joomla, Magento, too (link)

McAfee Report Examines Challenges Retailers Face to Secure In Store Payment Systems (link)

Merchant information may have been stolen from Global Payments (link)

Microsoft, Adobe Push Critical Security Fixes (link)

Microsoft: Conficker Worm Continues to Plague Enterprises (link)

Microsoft: Hackers obtained high-profile Xbox Live accounts (link)

Microsoft: Hold Off Installing MS13-036 (link)

Microsoft's April Patch Tuesday brings no Pwn2Own fix (link)

Microsoft and Symantec collaborate to disable click-fraud botnet (link)

Microsoft delivers stopgap defense against active IE10 attacks (link)

Microsoft Drops Chinese Vendor After Windows Exploit Leak (link)

Microsoft fixes critical Hotmail password bug (link)

Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day, Four Other Flaws in IE (link)

Microsoft issues replacement for botched patch (link)

Microsoft joins list of recently hacked companies (link)

Microsoft Plans Critical Windows Security Patches (link)

Microsoft releases unscheduled patch for IE zero-day, XP users get fix too (link)

Microsoft report explores dangers of running expired security software (link)

Microsoft retains weapon to silently scrub XP (link)

Microsoft rolls out standards-compliant two-factor authentication (link)

Microsoft rushes IE8 zero-day fix into next week's Patch Tuesday (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for April 2013 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for July 2012 (link)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2012 (link)

Microsoft sketches out final Windows XP security updates for next week (link)

Microsoft slashes Windows XP custom support prices just days before axing public patches (link)

Microsoft slates critical Windows, IE fixes for next week (link)

Microsoft slates IE, Windows, Office updates for next week (link)

Microsoft speeds up IE10 Flash patching, matches Google (link)

Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges (link)

Microsoft to patch 19 vulnerabilities on Tuesday (link)

Microsoft to patch 20 bugs next week in month of Office updates (link)

Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week (link)

Microsoft torpedoes Citadel botnet infrastructure (link)

Microsoft to tackle under-attack Office bug next week (link)

Microsoft urges customers to uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' update (link)

Microsoft warns of Facebook-hijacking extensions (link)

Millions of Target customers' credit, debit card accounts may be hit by data breach (link)

Morgan Stanley Fires Worker Accused of Stealing Client Data (link)

Mozilla Improving Security Processes After Exposing Developer Data (link)

Mozilla re-releases Firefox 16 after patching critical bugs (link)

Mozilla scrubs Superfish certificate from Firefox (link)

Mozilla takes drastic step to automatically block virtually all plug-ins in Firefox (link)

MySQL vulnerability allows attackers to bypass password verification (link)

Natural Grocers Investigating Card Breach (link)

NBC.com hacked and served up malware (link)

NCSA Partners with Reputation.com and RAINN to Provide Privacy Resources for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors (link)

Netflix CEO accuses Comcast of violating net neutrality (link)

New 'POODLE' Bug Takes Bite Out of SSL 3.0 Web Encryption Protocol (link)

New adware Trojan circulating that targets Mac OS X systems (link)

New Android malware disconnects calls, intercepts texts of victims (link)

New Java Exploit Fetches $5,000 Per Buyer (link)

New malware threatens Mac OS X (link)

New mobile trojan masquerading as Tic-tac-toe game targets Android devices (link)

New security flaws detected in mobile devices (link)

New Site Recovers Files Locked by Cryptolocker Ransomware (link)

New York Post Twitter account hacked, UPI's compromised, too (link)

Nordstrom Finds Cash Register Skimmers (link)

November Patch Tuesday: A massive update with a few misses (link)

No Windows XP, Office 2003 patches in May Patch Tuesday (link)

NY bank regulator's cybersecurity plan has strong authentication, identity (link)

Obama asks for $14 billion to step up cybersecurity (link)

Obama budget signs cybersecurity as a top priority (link)

Online password locker LastPass hacked (link)

Online Tax Scams to Guard Against (link)

On Patch Tuesday, Microsoft releases nine patches for 37 bugs (link)

OpenSSL fixes serious denial-of-service bug, 11 other flaws (link)

Operators disable firewall features to increase network performance, survey finds (link)

Oracle's 155 bug fixes add to mega Patch Tuesday (link)

Oracle finally adds whitelisting capabilities to Java (link)

Oracle to issue 88 security patches (link)

Out-of-date, vulnerable browsers put users at risk (link)

Over 1 million WordPress websites at risk from SQL injection (link)

P.F. Chang's Names 33 Restaurants Hit by Security Breach (link)

Patch Tuesday updates aim for Exchange and Explorer flaws (link)

Patient data revealed in medical device hack (link)

Personal info of 1m compromised in Nationwide breach (link)

Phisher Guilty of $1.3 Million Scam (link)

Phishing scam piggybacks on Apple Dev Center hack (link)

Phishing scam uses LinkedIn 'security update' to steal credentials (link)

Phishing websites up 10 percent in Q1 2014, the U.S. still hosts the majority (link)

PNI Digital Media investigates potential credit card 'issue' as more photo center websites go down (link)

Police turning to mobile malware for monitoring (link)

Popular home routers contain critical security vulnerabilities (link)

Possible link discovered that ties together Wi-Fi routers with backdoors (link)

Possibly 350K ransomware infections, $70K earned, in Dropbox phishing scheme (link)

Post-hack, companies fire back with their own attacks (link)

Pre-installed malware found on new Android phones (link)

Quarter of users see no benefit in updating software (link)

Ransomware "Svpeng" strikes US, leaves Android devices unusable (link)

Ransomware on Android scares users with gov't notices, asks for $300 (link)

RCE vulnerability in TimThumb's WebShot feature puts WordPress users at risk (link)

Renewed efforts to revert DNSChanger in effect (link)

Report: Malicious apps in Google Play store grow 388 percent (link)

Report: Old bugs in Microsoft XML still haunt users, program 'most exposed' (link)

Report says NSA exploited Heartbleed, kept flaw secret -- but agency denies it (link)

Researchers claim they've discovered the most advanced Android trojan yet (link)

Researchers find trojanized banking app that exploits critical Android bug (link)

Researchers observe a new phishing technique (link)

Researchers observe new Flash Player zero-day bug being exploited (link)

Researchers release BadUSB code at Derbycon (link)

Researchers report security flaw in Samsung's Galaxy S4 (link)

Researchers uncover new global cyber-espionage campaign (link)

Researchers warn of new, meaner ransomware with unbreakable crypto (link)

Reuters Twitter account hijacked, fake tweets sent (link)

Rogue Microsoft Services Agreement emails lead to latest Java exploit (link)

Saboteurs slip Dendroid RAT into Google Play (link)

Safe from Shellshock: How to protect your home computer from the Bash shell bug (link)

Sally Beauty Confirms Card Data Breach (link)

Samsung's warning: Our Smart TVs record your living room chatter (link)

Samsung Galaxy devices may have backdoor to user data, developer says (link)

Sandwich Chain Jimmy John’s Investigating Breach Claims (link)

Scam Android Apps Plague Google Play (link)

Schnucks supermarket chain struggled to find breach that exposed 2.4M cards (link)

Security concerns over Firefox's "new tab" thumbnail feature (link)

Security firms warn of spreading Windows AutoRun malware (link)

Security Flaws Leave Networked Printers Open To Attack (link)

Security tools reveal cyberintruders' trickery (link)

Security Updates for Shockwave, Windows (link)

See If Sites You Use Are Vulnerable to Heartbleed And How To Change Passwords (link)

Self-propagating SMS worm Selfmite targets Android devices (link)

Senators Float National Data Breach Law, Take Four (link)

Setting priorities with July's huge Patch Tuesday (link)

Shellshock: Better 'bash' patches now available (link)

Shellshock used to amass botnet and execute phishing campaign (link)

Skype Deals With Account Hijacking Exploit (link)

Smartphone thefts decline following introduction of "kill switch" (link)

Sony fights spread of stolen data by using “bad seed” attack on torrents (link)

Sony hack was 'cyber vandalism,' not act of war, says Obama (link)

Sources: Card Breach at Michaels Stores (link)

Spammers buy Chrome extensions and turn them into adware (link)

St. Louis Federal Reserve forces password change after DNS attack (link)

Stanford reports fourth HIPAA breach (link)

Staples says hack may have compromised 1 million-plus payment cards (link)

State breakdowns: Anthem breach by the numbers (link)

Study: Security not prioritized in critical infrastructure, though most admit compromise (link)

Stung, White House orders rapid cybersecurity fixes (link)

Superfish injects ads in 4% of Google page views (link)

Suspected security hole found in many Samsung devices (link)

Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously (link)

Target's data breach: Yes, it gets worse (link)

Target Admits Massive Credit Card Breach; 40 Million Affected (link)

Target finally gets its first CISO (link)

Target Hackers Tapped Vendor Credentials (link)

Target hack strips banks and credit unions of $200M (link)

Target looks to reassure consumers with move to chip and pin (link)

The 25 most popular passwords of 2012 (link)

Theft of unencrypted laptops behind Coca-Cola breach impacting 74,000 (link)

The Latest Smartphones Could Turn Us All Into Activity Trackers (link)

Thieves Cash Out Rewards, Points Accounts (link)

Thieves Jam Up Smucker’s, Card Processor (link)

Thieves stole data on 100,000 taxpayers via IRS app (link)

Thousands of student records stolen in Florida college breach (link)

Three critical patches for Microsoft and six updates that may need some attention (link)

Toyota Contractor Accused of Sabotaging Company Network, Stealing Data (link)

Traveling business executives targeted through luxury hotel Wi-Fi (link)

TurboTax back to full speed after fraud concerns (link)

Twitter joins Google, Facebook with 'forward secrecy' security (link)

Twitter warns users to reset passwords after hacking scare (link)

Two unencrypted N.J. health insurance laptops stolen, more than 800k impacted (link)

U.S. and Russia sign pact to create communication link on cyber security (link)

U.S. banks could be bracing for wave of account takeovers (link)

U.S. Postal Service suffers breach of employee, customer data (link)

Uber admits database breach putting driver data at risk (link)

UMCP reports another cybersecurity breach (link)

U-Md. computer security attack exposes 300,000 records (link)

Unpatched Microsoft XML Core Services flaw increasingly targeted in attacks, researchers say (link)

Unreleased Sony movies leaked to file-sharing sites after hack (link)

Unusual file-infecting malware steals FTP credentials (link)

U of Michigan Health System, Omnicell report patient data breach (link)

Update: Google to pay $22.5M fine over privacy practices (link)

Update: Hackers exploit new IE zero-day vulnerability (link)

Update: Microsoft reacts to XP upgrade critics with free file transfer tool (link)

UPS announces breach impacting 51 U.S. locations (link)

Users told to patch critical flaw in Adobe Reader and Acrobat (link)

VMware patches vulnerabilities in ESX 4.1 (link)

Voice phishing scheme lets hackers steal personal data from banks (link)

Vulnerability impacting multiple versions of Android could enable device takeover (link)

Vulnerability in embedded Web server exposes millions of routers to hacking (link)

Vulnerability in OpenSSH allows for brute force attack (link)

Washington Post Site Hacked After Successful Phishing Campaign (link)

WellPoint settles following government investigation in wake of breach (link)

What can you do with $200!?

WhatsApp begins rolling out end-to-end encryption (link)

What third-party app crashed American Airlines pilots' iPads and caused flight delays? (link)

Which sites have patched the Heartbleed bug? (link)

White House circulating draft of executive order on cybersecurity (link)

White House Employees’ Personal Email Hacked (link)

Why 'Malvertising' Has Become a Pervasive Security Risk (link)

Why Effective Awareness Training Matters (link)

Wide-scale attack against WordPress blogs reported (link)

Windows 10 Eliminates Passwords (link)

Windows 8.1 includes seamless, automatic disk encryption—if your PC supports it (link)

Windows XP infection rate may jump 66% after patches end in April (link)

Wireless Carriers Leave Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers (link)

WordPress Disconnects Unpatched Sites (link)

WordPress fixes file upload security problems (link)

WordPress Fixes More XSS Flaws With Automatic Update (link)

WordPress gets a patch for critical XSS flaw (link)

WordPress Makes Fix to End All Manual Updates (link)

Worldwide IT Security Spending to Top $60 Billion in 2012, Says Gartner (link)

Worm spreading on Skype IM installs ransomware (link)

Worm variant of Android ransomware, Koler, spreads via SMS (link)

XSS, password flaws found in popular ESPN app (link)

Yahoo closes security hole that led to password breach (link)

Yahoo hacked, 450,000 passwords posted online (link)

Yahoo resets passwords after email hack (link)

Yahoo to make SSL encryption the default for Webmail users. Finally. (link)

Yahoo wants to let you forget your Yahoo password (link)

Yes, the cloud is dangerous — here's how to stay safe (link)

Zero-Days Rule November’s Patch Tuesday (link)

‘Shellshock’ Bug Spells Trouble for Web Security (link)

“WARNING Your phone is locked!” Crypto ransomware makes its debut on Android (link)

Security Videos

Deter. Detect, Defend. Avoid ID Theft (link)

Grandma Got Phished by a Hacker (link)

HackYourself:It's Easy to Break Into Online Accounts, Thanks to Facebook, Google and Twitter (link)

Icon Ninjas (link)

Monthly Awareness Video (link)

Phishing made simple (link)

Phishing Scams in Plain English (link)


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