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Security Awareness Training


Learn how to protect your computer, your account, and your data by taking a security awareness course online.

SANS Securing the Human

As humans, we are the primary target for exploitation by cyber criminals; however, security awareness is our best line of defense against these threats. University of Missouri policy mandates faculty and staff complete annual security awareness training. Please complete the designated SANS training modules in SANS Securing the Human. You will not immediately receive a certificate when you complete the required modules.  Certificates will be distributed via email twice a month for your records. Please contact UM Chief Information Security Officer with questions at umciso@umsystem.edu.

University of Missouri-Columbia

You Are the Key to Security- is an online security awareness course offered by ISAM, through Blackboard. This course is designed for students, participants can complete the course at their convenience from any computer with an Internet connection. Enrollment in this course is available to academic classes, student groups, departments and individuals. The course covers a variety of security-related topics including password safety and security, physical security, Internet and e-mail security and data loss prevention. To get enrolled in this course, email ISAM at isam@missouri.edu.

Resource Materials-ISAM also has resource materials available to groups that reinforce security awareness concepts. Options include posters, flyers, mailbox stuffers, and newsletter articles.  For more information on training options/events or to request resource materials, contact isam@missouri.edu.

IT Security
Monthly Topic

Password Safety in the Digital Age

As children we would use passwords as a means to keep “intruders” out of our secret hideouts. While the context of how we use a password has changed since childhood, the necessity of having a strong password is now more important than ever. Today password protection is your first line of defense against most cyber threats.


Password Security

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